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About parking?
It is the customers responsibility to ensure that there is parking available outside of your premises on the day. This may mean talking to your neighbours in advance of the move and checking that they will move if necessary or putting a bin or bag in the road to save the space. If you have meters or permit parking, make sure you have plenty of change or the required permit available to hand. For links to your local area parking pages click here About Parking

What would be classed as a single item?
Here are a few examples of single items;
A Bed (Base, Mattress, Headboard, Footboard)
Dining Table & Chairs
3 Piece Suite (1 sofa and 2 chairs)
TV & TV Cabinet
Dismantled Wardrobe or Bookshelf
Bathroom Suite (Toilet, Bath, Sink)
Up to 8 Internal Doors
Up to 10 Garden Fence Panels plus Posts
1 Pallet (Sealed, Forklift on & off)

If I book the single item delivery will the driver carry the item upstairs?
The simple answer is no, this really is just door to door that is how we can do the collections and deliveries so cheaply, unfortunately this would hold him up for his subsequent deliveries during the day, if you need an item to be taken inside the house, up the stairs etc this may not actually cost much more but you will need to fill out our Request a Quote form for an accurate quote and so that there is enough time set aside for your job on the day.

If you arrive and I am not ready will the driver leave?
If you have chosen single item delivery then Yes the driver will leave he will have other deliveries to get through and can not wait. You will still be charged. If you have booked a removal then No, the driver will not leave, but you will be charged at 10 per 15mins of any waiting time or time when loading and unloading is not taking place, you are expected to be packed and ready to go on the drivers arrival, remember your driver will have other jobs to get to after yours and if you keep him longer than expected he will run late on the next job and so on.
How do I choose the number of men I need to assist?
As a general rule if you have more than 20 small items and any large items of furniture, eg: wardrobes, large double mattress etc and you moving from or to above ground floor (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc), you will usually need two men unless you have friends or relatives of your own to help with the loading and unloading.

Will you dismantle the items that need to be taken apart (my bed)?
No we do not dismantle items, flat packs etc, we will expect this to be done before we arrive.

I have lots of books will that be a problem?
You will need to be careful with how you pack books they are very heavy, it is very important to use small strong boxes so that each box does not become too heavy, remember if you can not lift a box, if a box is too heavy we will not take it.

I have a chest of drawers but it is only a small one do I have to empty it?
Yes you do, you must empty items of furniture this includes blanket boxes and trunks the tendency is to fill these and use them as if they were boxes, please don't, it is unlikely that when loaded that your driver will be able to lift them, you can bag up the clothes, bedding etc in strong black plastic bags or suitcases.

If I need to move to Europe will the driver meet me at my new address?
Yes, you do not have to travel with your items, the driver will meet you at the destination, all our vans are fully equipped with satellite navigation and unless your address is very obscure we will not normally need any instructions.

We are filming, will the driver stay near by with the van so we can access the props?
Yes, the driver will stay on site and guard the props/equipment on board of the van and hand them to you as and when needed, this will be included in your quote if you let us know in advance the filming hours required.

Will the driver help us with the set up of our exhibition stand?
The driver will help with the set up of your exhibition stand, you will need to let us know on the quote form that you need set-up / breakdown included in your quote and how long you think this may take.

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